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WaterAccurate, reliable liquid flow measurement is essential to the cost-effective operation of municipal water and wastewater treatment systems. From water storage to transmission lines to raw water treatment to wastewater treatment, there is a McCrometer solution.

Mag Flow Meters
McCrometer’s Ultra Mag®, FPI Mag® and SPI™ Mag (Single Point Insertion) Flow Meters are designed for use in municipal water environments. They operate over a wide flow range with no moving parts to wear.

Key Features / Benefits
Ultra Mag
Non-invasive sensing (non-clogging)
    flow element 
Superior durability with fusion-bonded
    epoxy Ultraliner (certified by NSF)
Custom-built to fit your application
    (special lay lengths and flanged end

Easy hot tap installation without 
    interrupting service 
Multi-electrode sensor delivers

    accurate total flow profile rivaling the
    performance of a full-bore meter
Economical Solution for medium and
    large line sizes reducing total
    installed cost by more than 45% 

Economical, low cost flow
Easily re-located to various line sizes 
Debri-shedding sensor eliminates

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Propeller Flow Meters
The Water Specialties Propeller Meter™ and Mc® Propeller Meter are the industry’s most popular propeller meters with 55-plus years of proven service. They set the standard for ease-of-use, reliability and economy.

Key Features / Benefits
Water Specialties
Proven design with superior durability 
Accurate in challenging environments

Mc Propeller
Features built-in flow indicator and totalizer
Easy to service with removable top-plate

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VM V-Cone System
The VM V-Cone System's™ self-conditioning advanced differential pressure flow meter offers accurate liquid flow measurement with little to no straight pipe run requirements. The VM V-Cone System is the ideal flow meter for reducing footprint and simplifying pipe layout in new installations and fitting in space constrained retro-fit applications.

Key Features / Benefits

System accuracy of ±0.5% of rate 
Flow range: 10:1
Installation: Typically 0-3 diameters upstream and 0-1 diameter downstream
No parts to wear so little maintenance required
HART® and Digital Protocols
Totalizer pulse and linear 4-20mA outputs
3-way manifold for isolating the transmitter
Displays both rate of flow and total flow
Rate and total functions are independent of each other allowing for many different combinations of flow units 

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